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Amsterdam Home of Undeveloped BV
Amsterdam is the home of | Image Source: Pixabay is rated the best domain name aftermarket. The name simply is an acronym of Domain Automation Network. is a subsidiary of Undeveloped BV of Netherland. Its domain automation is built on the latest blockchain technology in association with IBM.

The purchase of a domain name, payment process and its associated escrow services, the transfer of the domain to the buyer and subsequently, the transfer of proceeds to the seller are integrated in a smooth process leaving no party dissatisfied in the end. Incidentally, its payment processor, Adyen is also the payment processor for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle Commerce, Salesforce, Woocommerce, Adobe (Magento Marketplace), Facebook, KLM, Spotify, Uber, etc.


Klumart domains on are of 6 types. The first is BIN (Buy it now) domain with the buyer's ability to offer a counter price. For example, Klumart may offer a BIN price of US$6,000.00. You can buy it at that price outright or you may make a counter offer. What you are not aware of is that we have built a minimum counter offer price within the pricing mechanism, say US$1000. If you make a counter offer of US$500, for example, the system will ignore you. However, if you make a counter offer of US$1000 or more, the system will notify us. We may come down and you also have the chance to upgrade your offer until a mutual agreement is reached. Thus, a smart blockchain system has helped us to come up with a smart contract for immediate execution.

For practical reasons however, Klumart rather has a very reasonable inbuilt minimum counter offer price so as not to scare away potential customers.

The second type is the installment plan. The BIN price of US$6000.00 now, can be split up over 6 months at US$1000 a month without any interest payment. As soon as you pay the first installment, will take over the domain and allow you to start using it. When you default, it will be returned to Klumart. But when you are able to pay the final installment, will transfer the domain to you fully.

The third type is lease-to-own. The lease period is up to 5 years (60 months). After you make your first payment, takes over the domain and allows you to start using it. If you default, it is returned to Klumart. As soon as you pay the final rent the domain will be fully transferred to you.

When the lease period is:
2 - 12 months, no markup is added;
13 - 24 months, 10% markup;
25 - 36 months, 20% markup;
37 - 60 months, 30% markup.

For example, if Klumart is leasing a domain, with a BIN price of US$4,000 for a lease period of 40 months, at the end of the 40 months the lessee must have paid the BIN price of $4000 at $100 per month for 40 months. In addition the lessee will pay a service charge of 30% of $4000 which is only $1200 at the end of 40 months. The full ownership of will then be transferred to the buyer.

Note that will not allow the lessee to pay the full $1200 at a go. For that matter, it is also spread over the 40 months at $30 a month. That means, the lessee will pay a total of $130 per month for 40 months.

There is a fourth type in which there is no marked price. The seller in that case is patiently waiting to receive any offer price so that sales negotiation can continue from there. Don't forget also that some of such domains are so expensive that the seller will be doing himself/herself a disservice by displaying the price openly thereby scaring away potential customers.

The fifth type has is a BIN price with no options for a counter offer. It is the simplest if the buyer has the necessary funds. It is like a supermarket. You find the latest gadget; you think it is value for money; you pay for it and it becomes yours immediately.

Finally, the sixth type is a pure rent with no possibility of you ever buying the domain. There is a monthly rent and the period of rent is specified, for example, 1 year. At the end of a year, you might have made enough money to own your permanent domain or renegotiate terms for 1 or more years until you are able to afford your own domain name.

It is quite obvious that paying in installment and leasing-to-own and pure renting are more or less suitable for startups. Established individuals and businesses can use the BIN price or negotiated BIN price through counter offers. However, an established business facing budgetary constraints can also opt for pure rent, lease-to-own or installments. The two groups can benefit from the unmarked domain price category. It will certainly bring out the best negotiation skills in both buyer and seller.


As I mentioned earlier, uses the world renowned Adyen payment processor. As soon as a sales agreement is reached, the smart system will prompt the buyer to pay for the domain using wire transfer, credit or debit cards (MasterCard or Visa), SEPA, iDeal, MisterCash, Sofort, PayPal, AliPay, WeChatPay and Bitcoin, whichever is most convenient for the buyer.

After the payment, the escrow process kicks in. holds the money and takes over the domain as well in order to make a smooth transfer to the buyer. It is only after the domain is in the buyer's possession, most often in less than 24 hours, that will take its commission from the BIN price or the rent, whichever is applicable and transfer the rest into Klumart's account.

As you can appreciate, there is so much inbuilt security that nobody can cheat the system. I love transparency; that is why we are delighted to allow to process everything for us hassle-free.


In a nutshell, if you cannot register a domain name for your business because it is not available, then you have to enter a secondary domain market such as Klumart uses to carry out a smart domain purchase and transfer system. If you find a suitable domain on Klumart, follow its link into secondary domain marketplace. Decide to buy it straight away or make a counter offer or lease to own it or pay in installment or rent it, whichever is applicable. Make the necessary payment and the domain will be transferred to you.

If you cannot find the domain you are looking for, you can use Klumart to find either a suitable alternative name for you, or broker a deal with the original owner of the special domain you are looking for.

Welcome to Klumart domain marketplace!


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