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Klumart is the registered business of Ambrose Kunutsor, a retired Head of Mathematics Department of the Ghana Education Service. He is also a Mechanical Engineer, a Marketer and an Environmentalist.

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Klumart.com is molded on the owner’s principle that, we all find ourselves in this world because we have been divinely tasked to make the world a better place.

Klumart will therefore promote machines, designs, products and services that in turn promote biodiversity, clean and healthy environment, ie Environmental Technology.

In that vein, we shall promote products such as eVTOL, Electric Cars, Air Taxis, etc. We are deeply rooted in the green energy and green technology sector.

In addition we shall promote safety gadgets, software and systems some of which we are designing in-house.

We shall also promote educational technologies so that our students can become better learners. I am still perfecting my marker board compass which is in use at my former school.

We intend to promote organic and natural food, food supplements, personal care products, etc.

We are making preparations to promote sales of appropriate books. Without good books, man is lost in ignorance.

At the moment our business revolves around buying and selling of domain names. We believe strongly that everyone must have a piece of the virtual real estate. Yes, you need a domain name for your personal or business identity.

As Klumart.com grows very big we shall decouple the domain marketplace and give it to our incoming dedicated domain marketplace, Kludom.com .

You might have come across some car seats, etc, being sold by a Chinese under the brand name Klumart. The Chinese citizen simply seized my legally registered business name from my social media accounts to create his own brand several years after I registered the name. Amazon Canada opened lines of communication between us to sort it out. However, he completely ignored both of us and went ahead to initiate a process in the US through USPTO, five months later to make Klumart his bonafide trademark. I shall find a way to deal with it decisively.

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A.C. Kunutsor
Owner Manager

Do get into touch with us through our site contact.

You may also reach us through our social media accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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